Kopp Reeds

French Bassoon

This reed model is specifically made for French-system bassoons (Buffet Crampon, Selmer, Mahillon, Triebert, Bettoney, Hawkes & Son, Boosey & Hawkes, etc.), dating from about 1860 and later. (For earlier bassoons by French makers, a special version of our Classical reed is recommended.)

Our French-system reed is made from a traditional Glotin profile (thin tip, heavy back), which generates the energy required to make the French-system instrument speak with ease. (Our Medium model also works well on many French-system instruments, while using a more familiar profile.)

If possible, the customer should specify the bassoon's original playing pitch (sometimes indicated by a stamp of HP, LP, or military ownership) or the instrument's standing height, which can sometimes serve as a rough indicator of pitch. Within limits, we can adjust the blade length to help bring the overall pitch into conformity with the player's needs.

Jancourt System bassoon by Buffet Crampon, 1896, restored by Larry Ibisch, The French Bassoon Shop.

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