Kopp Reeds

Steinkopf/Moeck Rackett-Bassoon SOLD

Here's an easy, compact way to play bass lines. This SteinkopfMoeck Rackett-Bassoon, based on an 18th-century original, has a range from BB-flat to e' or above. This exemplar, made under Otto Steinkopf's supervision, dates from his association with Moeck,1964-80. Fingerings are fairly close to bassoon fingerings:

The sound is solid and attractive, although not as big as a bassoon's. It uses a largish version of a modern bassoon reed. The coil in the crook helps trap condensation before it goes into the instrument. Moeck exited the rackett business in 2008, and these are no longer available new. Read a review of a newer but similar rackett-bassoon at:

This Steinkopf/Moeck rackett-bassoon is offered at $950.00, plus $15.00 shipping to US addresses. An old case and two new reeds are included. SOLD.

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