Kopp Reeds

Baroque Bassoon

The standard baroque reed model (left), our first recommendation for players of most baroque bassoons, offers a wide dynamic range and easy response. Despite its unfamiliar appearance, it responds easily for both novice and experienced players. It actually simplifies fingering of many pitches; with this reed, many baroque bassoons (including Eichentopf and Scherer reproductions) will play simpler, "shorter" fingerings with excellent intonation and response. It is a large reed, made with uniformly gouged, medium-hard cane.

The Eichentopf 2 baroque reed (right) is recommended for Eichentopf, Stanesby, and similar reproductions. The long blades help keep the pitch down on low notes, even while the high register is strong all the way to a'. (This updated version has a steeper profile and wider tip for increased stability and dynamic range.)

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