Kopp Reeds

Original Heckel Bassoon, pre-1877, SOLD

18 keys. Original bocal is lacking, but plays well with pre-war or modern Heckel bocal. Original black finish has been removed to reveal genuine ringed maple. Two other keys, possibly later additions, have been removed. Has recently restored pads and tone hole seats. Includes a charming wooden period case, apparently original. $4,500.

If you would like to receive a photocopied informational booklet related to this bassoon, please send $5 and your postal address. The booklet includes catalog listings and illustrations of similar instruments; in-depth discussion by organologists of Almenrader's reforms, including his own drawings; an Almenrader fingering chart; and Almenrader's own reed-making instructions, including drawings.

Heckel basson

Heckel bassoon

Heckel Bassoon

Heckel Bassoon

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