Kopp Reeds

Tutor Chart Etude

William Waterhouse
Edited and with a foreword by James B. Kopp
Whitehall Press, 2012

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How did the early bassoon evolve, and how did early players go about learning it? Written tutors, finger charts, and etudes reveal the instrument’s design, capabilities, and performance practice during a period of more than 200 years.

William Waterhouse spent decades accumulating information on these works, and the full results of his researches are published here for the first time. More than 120 documented publications are described here, along with long-vanished publications and helpful modern writings.

This handsome publication, illustrated with 13 facsimile drawings of bassoons dating between 1780 and 1879, is essential for persons studying the history of bassoon pedagogy, music education, or early bassoon performance.

44 pages, 13 full-page illustrations, secondary bibliography; 29 x 15 mm.

William Waterhouse (1931-2007), one of the most respected bassoonists of his generation, was a principal player in the London Symphony Orchestra and the BBC Symphony Orchestra and a member of the Melos Ensemble. Also a much admired teacher, mentor, organologist, collector, and writer, he was the author of Bassoon (Yehudi Menuhin Music Guides), The New Langwill Index, and many articles on the bassoon and its makers, players, and composers.

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