Kopp Reeds

Steinkopf/Moeck rackett-bassoon

Here's an easy, compact way to play bass lines. The Steinkopf/Moeck Rackett-Bassoon, based on an 18th-century original, has a range from BB-flat to e' or above. This exemplar, made under Otto Steinkopf's supervision, dates from his association with Moeck,1964-80. Fingerings are fairly close to bassoon fingerings:

Fingering Chart

The sound is solid and attractive, although not as big as a bassoon's. It uses a largish version of a modern bassoon reed. The coil in the crook helps trap condensation before it goes into the instrument. Moeck exited the rackett-bassoon business in 2008, and these are no longer available new. A nut mounted on the bottom plate allows the user to affix it to a camera tripod, if desired.

This Steinkopf/Moeck rackett-bassoon is offered at $2,200.00, plus $30.00 shipping to US addresses. A hard case and six reeds are included.
For further information please contact Boyd Osgood at: bosgood[at]opusnet.com.

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